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10 Best ways to connect with your child through our Nation’s health crisis.

10 Best ways to connect with your child through our Nation’s health crisis.

No school? No work? Social distancing at its best!

Schools around the world have closed their buildings so we as parents are looking for other learning resources and activities and trying to figure out how to make the coming days as educational and fun as possible. As many children are unable to go to school educators are facing the challenge of teaching remotely at an unprecedented scale, and in some cases, for the first time. My daughter works in a school for special needs children. Thank goodness there are so many resources from schools, companies, even helpful apps!


Sit down as a family and plot out how you’ll spend the coming days, splitting time between your work, school studies, play time and everything else. Then, get it on a calendar so that everyone can see when and what they’ll be doing and when. Trust me, a little structure will help.


I’ve researched and  compiled a list with some unique ways for you to help support your child through this unsettling time for those young minds. They are in no way to replace what their teachers are doing! Some are awesome YouTube videos, worksheets to print out, learning games, and some are just for fun.


1. https://learnathome.withyoutube.com/#preschoolers

This is a great resource for your preschooler.

2.  Watch a webinar.

3. Some of your children’s favorite authors are offering daily read-alouds during the crisis. This list of read-alouds from We Are Teachers is full of resources, and Kidlit TV has a library of read-alouds and activities.

4. Simple things to do when your child needs a break:

  • go outside
  • Let the kids help with yard work
  • Make tents and reading caves : ) flashlights, snacks, books, and pillows
  • Have a board game day
  • Pinterest. There are tons of ideas for activities, games, etc.

5. Kimochis – a social emotional learning program designed to give children the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to recognize and manage their emotions, demonstrate caring and concerns for others, and establish positive relationships in order to make responsible decisions to handle challenging situations constructively.  https://www.kimochis.com/


6. Reading/Phonics Emphasis

• www.starfall.com
• www.abcfastphonics.com
• www.funenglishgames.com
• www.bookadventure.com
• www.pitara.com
• www.eduplace.com
• www.mightybook.com
• www.leadingtoreading.org
• www.roythezebra.com
• www.storylineonline.com
• www.pbskids.org
• www.kids.nationalgeographic.com/kids


{Just copy and paste the above web pages.}

6. Math Emphasis


http://www.lickitysplitlearning.com/free-online-math-fact-game.html •


8. Here’s an easy one. How many different words can you make from the letters in this sentence, below? Grab a pencil and paper and write a list! “Learning from home is fun”


9. Learn to write your name with spaghetti. So much fun. Have an adult write your name on paper. Then break the spaghetti in small pieces and place over the letters.


10. Last but not least. This will brighten your child’s teachers day! I’m guessing he or she is missing her students! How about writing a postcard to your teacher. Can you tell them what you like most about their class and what you miss the most?







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