5 Things to help you become a great teacher!

I’m a retired school teacher and I still miss it! I started teaching in 1971 when the world of education was very different. I always got the boys who tested previous teachers! Why, you ask? Because I had 2 boys of my own and I knew every trick in the book! (Smile)

I taught to each individual child! Almost never as a group. Kids love that. I had learning centers before anyone knew what they were!

I was at the cutting edge of Blooms Taxonomy, Bernice McCarthy, & Howard Gardner. I don’t know what methods schools use now, but I invite to look them up. I bet you’ll see why I used those methods.

1. Give your student choices! It gives them a sense of responsibility and it shows that you respect them.

2. I praised them…every single student…every single day!

3. I [almost] NEVER raised my voice! I’m sure that was because I grew up in a strict catholic Italian house with lots of rules and yes…raised voices. So I couldn’t bring myself to do it to my students.

4. I was flexible. I offered all students several choices of creativity for the same objective as I knew they could find at least one task they’d enjoy. I was proud of my students. My administration said they could see it when they observed me. I WANTED my students to succeed.

5. I never got burned out! After 35 years my last year of teaching was as good as my first! Of course a lot has to do with your administrator. I started with a good one and ended with the greatest ever! It’s important to have a good administrator to mentor you into becoming a great teacher!

In conclusion,“PARENTS AND TEACHERS” I’d like to ask you, what do you think makes a good teacher?

8 thoughts on “5 Things to help you become a great teacher!

  1. You sound like an amazing teacher I would have loved to have lol! I love when teachers make the extra effort to make you feel like an important student and help celebrate accomplishments!

    1. Thanks Asia, I like to think so. I loved celebrating my students and am still friends with a lot of them to this day.

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