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Yes, today is “World Kindness Day,” but seriously why do we need to remind people to be kind?

I think if we teach our kids to be kind from infants we would have a much better life for them.

Being kind not only has a direct effect on others, but it should have a positive impact on yourself as well. Everybody can use a little bit of kindness in their life, and by celebrating World Kindness Day it makes us more aware and hopefully makes it a bit it’s easto spread a little love. I loved Princess Diana who tried to spread kindness everywhere she went! One of my favourite quotes from her was ”Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.” – Princess Diana”

We have this cool and quirky book full of ways to spread a bit of happy, and release your inner ninja of niceness with some guerrilla acts of goodness. From sending hugs through the mail to being “pushy” at the park, there’s a helper hint for every hero.


Recently my son rescued  a crow from dying where he works. Being a kind young man he brought him home to nurse him back to health. Every night for close to a week he would go home, take the crow out of the crate he had it in, changed the newspapers on the bottom of the cage, gave him fresh water and some food. Just a plain old blackbird

He brought his 4-year-old down to the garage every day and taught her how to be kind even to a bird. Yes! Teach your child to be kind to animals at an early age and expand to people. How would you teach your child to be kind? By example would the best choice! I would love to hear you on this or any other suitable suggestions for my readers.

Of course, being kind is pretty self-explanatory, but there are a variety of ways that you can express it. Whether it is opening a door for someone or delivering a bouquet of flowers, kindness can have a greater impact than you think. It is one of the greatest attributes that someone can have. Being kind goes a long way. Have you been kind today? Want to tell me about it?

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