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Best Selling Post I’ve found to Help Me Grow As A Blogger

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Best selling post I’ve found to help me grow as a blogger…



takes time, patience, consistency, and one should know how to use social media to get the word out about their blogs. The best selling blogs that I’ve researched has led me to: 

“Working with Trending Families.”

‘ Working with Trending Family means effortlessly bringing creative content to life, starting authentic conversations about your brand, and developing relationships with our family of influencers across social media.”  This agency has firsthand expertise in producing videos that reaches parents, kids, and diverse families at all life stages. 

                                               You can find them here:  


When I first started this blog I thought all I had to do was write about what I was passionate about and my followers would beat down my door,  [so to speak],  but nothing I read told me how hard it would be to get one visitor, let alone hundreds! I quickly realized I was very impatient.  


I thought if my friends and family read it and shared it everything would fall into place! Boy, was I wrong! I “assumed” [never assume] the fact that I was a retired teacher with over 35 years of experience people would listen to me? ….um….no again! Fast forward to the pandemic ! OK…now’ s the time to really concentrate on my blog! However, I quickly realized just because I had more time didn’t necessarily mean I was writing what my audience needed.







I started out by writing about kids books because I’m a consultant for Usborne Books and More. Then I  realized my followers [which were very few at the time] needed more than just book recommendations! So I started breaking into other areas. I shared my posts on every aspect of social media I was a part of. I joined groups of other bloggers. Nothing seemed to be working?







Now I’ve decided to stop “over thinking” everything  and just write from my heart and try to solve meaningful problems the best way I can. I’m going to keep this website, but expand beyond books to topics of interest to moms, dads, single parents…”Bits of this…and bits of that !” In fact while writing this I’ve decided to use that as my tag line ! 


Recently I found an amazing article about how Instagram is a social media platform that can improve my site by being more recognized. I’ve dabbled with Instagram here and there, but after reading this, I’m going to make Instagram a priority! 


        You can also find them here:


But enough of that, as I said, “I’m expanding this site to bits of this…and bits of that…

So I’m asking my readers to answer these simple questions: 

  • Why are you interested in my content
  • What are you looking for in particular?
  • What problems do you need help with?