Best Ways to be Successful With Homeschooling

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Best ways to be successful with homeschooling

you should think about the #1 thing you’re struggling with when it comes to homeschooling this year?



To be a successful homeschool parent you need patience, dedication, a sense of humor, and of course … kids. (Smile)

All kids learn with different learning styles…And different personalities…in past posts I talked about Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences. I’m a firm believer of this and used his theories when I was a teacher. These info graphics show a little of his theory.







All kids learn at different paces and via various methods.




“When you hear the word intelligence, the concept of IQ testing may immediately come to mind. Intelligence is often defined as our intellectual potential; something we are born with, something that can be measured, and a capacity that is difficult to change.”

In recent years, however, other views of intelligence have emerged. One such conception is the theory of multiple intelligences proposed by Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner.”  Feel free to listen to him using this link:

Homeschooling Is A Major Lifestyle Change


After you explore them you should also do 


  • Join a local homeschooling group.
  • Explore with your child what their learning preference is.
  • Discover your educational approach.
  • Connect with parents who are already homeschooling.
  • Create a space to be conducive to learning.
  • Create a schedule for your child & stick to it. But remember to take mini breaks “together” to avoid Your child losing interest.
  • Work with your local school to coordinate curriculum. Again feel free to add or delete to it as your child might learn a bit different than others using the same curriculum.
  • You need to teach the required subjects as part of state laws.
  • Keep good records.
  • Remember, the benefits of homeschooling:
      • Mental & physical health of your child.
      • Creates a bigger bond & understanding your child.
      • Take advantage of local places that could be a field trip.
      • Utilize your local library!





Need help finding a routine that works for your family ” I highly recommend this Routines and Rhythms ebook from another parent.

It breaks down routines in an easy-to-digest kind of way!

You’ll love it!

I would love for you to take this test below…



What Kind of Intelligence Do You Have?

I took the test and got: Interpersonal Intelligence
I got Interpersonal Intelligence. What Kind of Intelligence Do You Have?
Tom Merton / Caiaimage / Getty Images


Those who have strong interpersonal intelligence are good at understanding and interacting with other people. These individuals are skilled at assessing the emotions, motivations, desires and intentions of those around them.

Your strengths include:

  • Communicating verbally
  • Nonverbal communication
  • Seeing situations from different perspectives
  • Fostering positive relationships with others
  • Resolving conflicts in groups







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