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Best way to solve personal finance problems.

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“ Personal finances!” Not easy! As a senior citizen I’m still trying to find ways to solve my personal finance problems!

How about you?


I’m always looking for a way to make extra money.                                  [ Yes, even at my age.] I am a retired school teacher and now I’m blogging about spreading literacy through children’s books, advice for homeschooling parents, teachers, moms, dads, coupon help, & teaching readers like you how to get the most out of a buck.





I wasn’t smart about saving for retirement so I’m now teaching my adult kids about it. My daughter is about to buy a house so I’m helping her research mortgages and how to create a budget.
Look for sites that have interactive tools and calculators that actually “teach” you about personal finance! Find one that’s free because after all we are talking about saving, aren’t we? ? There’s no need to spend money to save it!






“The best I’ve found so far are the ones that have actual calculators to help you estimate your monthly principal & interest payment along with the full PITI mortgage payment when buying a home. Enter the home price, down payment, APR, loan term & other homeownership expenses that will estimate the cost of homeownership. Once you have entered all of your details you can use the button at the bottom of the calculator to create a printable amortization schedule.” It saves so much work and time!


I found many sights that offered tips and how to save money for old age, but none that gave you specific ways! One sight I found listed 8 Financial Tips for Young Adults.

  • #1. Learn Self-Control.
  • #2. Control Your Financial Future.
  • #3. Know Where Your Money Goes.
  • #4. Start an Emergency Fund.
  • #5. Start Saving for Retirement.
  • #6. Get a Grip on Taxes.
  • #7. Guard Your Health.
  • #8. Protect Your Wealth.

I wish I had learned that as a young adult! Again, nothing specific!





I recently found this article called,                      “The Complete Guide to Buying a Home

Guide published by Jose Abuyuan on September 7, 2020

Here’s a brief excerpt.


“Purchasing a house can be an overwhelming process, whether you’re doing it for the first time or taking out another home loan.

If you are not well informed about your options, you might choose what seems convenient but is actually costlier in the long run. That’s why it’s important to evaluate everything, from the home’s location to your financial readiness, all the way to types of mortgage programs, different terms and interest rates.

In this guide, they discuss key factors you must consider before buying a house, along with different home loan options and how they might suit your needs. They also walk you through the mortgage process to help you make the most out of your purchase.“

Jose Abuyuan is a web content writer, fictionist, and digital artist hailing from Las Piñas City. He is a graduate of Communication and Media Studies at San Beda College Alabang, who took his internship in the weekly news magazine the Philippines Graphic. He has authored works professionally for over a decade.”

Another site I researched offers a free budget bundle,

I did a search for other investment companies that offer calculators on their websites and I came across a  reliable source for all things related to personal finance. I tried a few of their calculators and they make running the numbers fun and simple, aiding you in making smart financial decisions.

I told you in the beginning I’m researching the “Best ways to solve personal finance problems.” Why? Because I don’t want my daughter to make the same finance problems I did.











I finally came upon a great site that provides a diverse range of helpful tools including savings, mortgage, credit cards, vehicles, loans, debt, budgeting and business. Their online calculators have been reviewed by experts to ensure accuracy and reliability, with periodic updates adding new features based on user feedback. Usage is free without requiring registration. WOW! Imagine that ?!? ??? FREE!


I sincerely encourage you to go to ?  to see their amazing calculators that make running the numbers fun and simple, aiding you in making smart financial choices. ? Their website is both free and ad-free which is something I look for because it’s not distracting.


They even provide a complete history of calculation going back to the abacus. ?  As a retired school teacher I thought that was awesome! Their calculators and educational guides have been widely recommended by schools, teachers, parents, homeschoolers, and community resource guides around the world. You can find reviews online.


I love the name! So whimsical! Can you tell I was an elementary school teacher? ? Even their graphics and icons create a warm welcome to their web site.




In conclusion I’d love for you to go to and see for yourself. Whether you’re buying a house, looking for life insurance, track business expenses, buying a car, they have a calculator for it all!



What do you think young adults should look for

when they are getting ready to

buy their first house ?