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Birthday Book Baskets for Ages One to twelve

In this “electronic” world I believe it’s hard to “raise a reader”! It would certainly have to  be the right book to convert a reluctant reader into a child who begs for one more page. Let me tell you one thing, start reading to your child at birth. I actually started when they were in my womb! As a mother and teacher I was always thinking outside the box with a special needs child of my own. My other two loved to read, my middle child not so much. So the question remains….HOW DO I INSTILL A LOVE OF READING TO MY CHILD?

“Do you remember the first book that you really fell in love with? The first book that made you feel like someone knew exactly how you felt? Or that allowed you to forget about the world around you? Or that filled your brain with brilliant facts that you couldn’t wait to share?‘

This is where I come in. I’d like to be the captain of your ship. ? ? ? [smile]

I love giving books for presents, actually I almost always do a themed birthday basket. I take into account the child’s interests, their age, and having various genres available for the child. Above all I really try to choose a book that’s fun to read. Once you get them hooked the rest will come.

I taught for so many years that my friends are always asking me for book suggestions. I’m always eager to help! So let’s get started. Below you will find books for every age and every level. Enjoy!

Remember Stuart Little? The book & movie differs somewhat but stillFollow the adventures of the bravest little mouse with a loving big heart. The book and movies differ entirely in terms of the story line,  but the love and kindness of Stuart Little are at the center of both.

ARE YOU READY FOR THIS? 1st of all you must and I emphasize MUST get parental approval for this. Curious??? One year I gave my niece the book Stuart Little, but instead of a basket, I put it in a cage…big enough for a guinea pig…but fine if she wanted a mouse. I’m laughing as I write this because I remember the look she gave her mom. Surprised that she had yes. That’s an extreme, but like I said…themed book baskets are the best!

Ages 0-2
These little ones love board books! They love to hold them, not to mention chew on them, and they love the bright colors! Here are a few of my favorites.

Pat The Bunny is as old as time.                                  A classic. A “touch and feel” book for small children and babies and has been a best-seller in the United States since its publication in 1940. So why not get a stuffed bunny to give with this book.

Here are more of my favorites & the books below can be found on Amazon or my book site:  https://b8486.myubam.com/c/31/babies-toddlers?pagesize=60&orderby=10


Ages 2-4

We have two toddler grandchildren. The 2 year old mimics whatever the 4 year old does! They love, love, love music so I always try to get them at least 1 musical book for Christmas and their birthdays. Too be honest I don’t think I’ve ever met a toddler that doesn’t like music. One of my favorites is through Usborne.


It’s a brightly colored, touchy-feely book for babies. Press the buttons to hear a range of gent, musical sounds which relate to the simple pictures,  this book will engage even a tiny baby’s attention and as babies grow they will love to press the sound buttons themselves. This series is designed to be used from birth.I paired this with a harmonica and headphones for toddlers. The kids loved it!

I’m sure you’ve all either read or at least heard of the book,                                     Guess How Much I Love You. 

Ages 3-5

Are You My Mother?

  • A delightful story about a hatchling bird that starts off with the mother bird who sits on her egg. The mother bird tells herself that her baby is coming soon and may want to eat. But then  Baby Bird’s little egg hatches, and he begins a courageous, hilarious, touching adventure to find her. Kids love this book recommendation. Do you?

    Some other great reads for this age group are pictured below. There are so many ways to include in your birthday basket, but my all time favorite is
    Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See ? In the basket, I put the book, a brown stuffed bear, a bookmark, and sometimes I have a t shirt made with the book cover on it!

Early Childhood School Age

Some schools use these easy books in 1st grade. I borrowed them from a reputable source. Try a few of these for your reluctant reader. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Popular 5th Grade Reading Books
I loved teaching about the following books. I used these 4 to reach the most reluctant reader. I used Number The Stars as a gift one year, the book, a bookmark, sticky stars for their bedroom ceiling, and even had a star named after the child.
  • The Hobbit, or There and Back Again (Paperback) J.R.R. Tolkien. …
  • Bridge to Terabithia .
  • Number the Stars
  • James and the Giant Peach (Hardcover)

Once you get into middle school and high school creating birthday baskets gets a little stickier. My last gift to a middle school graduate was Willy Wonka/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – in Their basket I included passes to the Hershey Factory in Pa. with the book, a bookmark, and a jumbo Hershey bar.

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