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In my opinion after teaching for 35 years, all children “Learn differently “ 

Children need to be exposed to books early on in age. Even though they may not be able to respond, the tone of your voice will be soothing to them. I firmly believe children need to be exposed to literacy experiences.

Children need to be exposed to reading ….Although evidence may support that experience may play a role in reading ability, I am convinced that children that are read to at an early age has everthing to do with reading.

I believe It’s vital for kids to be read to at a very young age.I think the children should have as much exposure to print before they start school as they can possibly get. Reading fosters vocabulary too. When a parent reads to their child, they are teaching them so many factors in the skill of reading while entertaining them at the same time.

I modeled my teaching to each individual child. I used the “Multiple Intelligence” approach. 

I believe when children are offered more than one approach they will see it as fun rather than , “Ugh, do I have to read ?” The trick is finding where their niche is. You could also introduce your child to books on tape. Find what interests them. Read only at night, when the day is coming to an end. Climb in bed with him, and tell he or she we are going to listen to an audio book together. Next have them hold the book and follow along with the audio. I would start with picture books and gradually find books that interest them. Take them to a bookstore and let them browse for awhile and see what catches their eye. Relax and have fun in the children’s section of the book store. Good ones like Barnes & Noble have chairs to sit on. Take the kids to the library for story time. Just continue to expose them to literature.