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Get Ready to Really Listen Because Raising Children Isn’t Always a Walk in the Park.

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My husband was “Mr.Mom!” {Disabled from a car accident.} Want to know what got us through 40 years of marriage with almost that many hospital stays with him ? Humor ! Same way we pushed our way through parenting. Pretty much the way we dealt with most things. Laughter is good for the soul. When I was a teacher I always got the kids who didn’t want to be in school…why you ask … because I laughed with them not at them. C’mon, what could a young child do that could warrant harsh discipline? So when your littles do something they shouldn’t, sit them down, have them look you in the eyes and repeat what they did. Then depending on the severity laugh with them.

I was an older mother, but from the time I was a child all I wanted was the knight in shining armor to ride in on his white horse and sweep me off my feet, marry, have kids, the works. Well…I was 34 before I met the “right one”, but he rode in on a motorcycle not a horse! My family isn’t perfect, but they are mine! 3 kids, 2 daughter in loves, and 2 grandchildren so far! It is the best.

Do you know who your child’s first hero is? His Mom or Dad. So it’s no wonder littles want you & only you! How often do you have to sneak out when the baby sitter comes? Probably more than you want! That’s because your littles idealize you. Let’s face it, for the first few months you are the one that feeds him, changes him, comforts him, etc.

How are you at parenting? I always thought I’d be the perfect mom…ha….I made a lot of mistakes, but now I look at my 3 adult kids and think…wow! They are each successful in their own way. So if you ever think, hmmm….just wait. The best is yet to come! One thing we did was gave our kids a good foundation. We always built up their self esteem, whether it was at home, in school, at sports, we always made them feel loved and tried to create a happy environment.

From the moment you give birth all you can do is smile at that little bundle of joy and just Coo at him. Talk to him the way only a mama can, before you know it your baby will be responding to you. My 2 year old grandson doesn’t let his mommy out of his sight! And when she does, he freaks. That’s an extreme, and it may be the age, but boy does his face light up when he sees her! He knows he’s loved

As your child grows they still need attention! Have some 1 on 1 time with them I was a bit of a helicopter parent. My kids told me that. ? I would always give them accolades but I was afraid they’d get hurt if I wasn’t right there…ALL…the time…they have since told me that “Dad” would let them “try” different things without him being right on top of them. Ok…I get it….he was a great role model…lol. They love me but, yup, I was that mom…? but we’ve always treated our children with respect . That’s key as they get older the pros and cons of being a mom today vs. being a mom 50 years ago.

One of the most exciting parts of raising a child is watching them hit each milestone. Smiling, recognizing faces, Mom’s voice, Learning to walk and my favorite, learning how to read! Every month I will write about a topic I think will help you. I’ll bring you some parenting tips plus other topics that have helped me through the years! So please come back the 1st week of every month for great ideas from parent tips > to helpful sites> to healthy snacks> to recommending books for ages 0-16.


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