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Make Learning Fun!

Every month I will include a book with activities to go with it featured here!

Since February is All about love and friendship, I thought it would good to focus on “kindness” this month.

1. Start out by asking your child if they know what the word “kindness “ means.

2. Go to the library and see if your child can find a book about friendship or kindness.

3. There are a lot of  books that depict friendship themes, but I have to say my 1st choice is:

‘This cool and quirky title is full of ways to spread a bit of happy, and release your inner ninja of niceness with some guerrilla acts of goodness. From sending hugs through the mail to being “pushy” at the park, there’s a helper hint for every hero.‘ The best part is that you can  visit for more resources (games, puzzles, activities etc.) to accompany this book.

My second most favorite is: 

 This book is about an elephant who discovers an entire community living on a speck of dust. With his big ears, Horton is the only animal in the jungle who is able to hear the Whos. Despite being made fun of by the other animals, Horton stands by Whoville because he knows it is the right thing to do. Not only is Horton doing the right thing, he is doing the right thing while everyone around him is bullying him to give up. This teaches an important lesson about standing by what you believe in, no matter what you face. With older children, you can also use this book to discuss the importance of advocating for those who do not have a voice.”

After you come back from the library find a quiet place to sit and read your book about “kindness” to your littles. Have them look at the title and cover and ask them what they think will happen in the book. Or what characters do they think will be in it? Probe them for answers before you even open the book to promote conversation with them.

While you are reading the story together ask them what they’ve learned about it so far, what do they think will happen next? Who’s their favorite character and why?

When you’re done try a few more questions to see if they liked it and what was their favorite part or would they like to write a letter to the author [with your help, of course] to tell them how they felt reading about being kind. If You still are holding their interest ask them to draw you a picture of their favorite part to put on the refrigerator!

In this world today unfortunately their are bullies of all ages! My purpose in this months topic of “KINDNESS.”

Demonstrate kind behavior when you’re with your own friends, loved ones, and your children themselves. If you want your child to be nice to other children, be nice to your child. Try not to lose your temper with your child [not that easy, I know] , but that will send them mixed messages about being kind. It’s tough to teach your child to “not” bully, because some children think it’s ok. It’s much more productive to teach your child to be a good and positive friend to others.

The best gift to give your child is your love ❤️ and time! ❤️ When you demonstrate how to treat others they will mimic you. Actively play with them, read to them every day, and through out the month of February,  encourage your child to look for that extra effort to show kindness, whether it be at home or school.