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How to raise chickens successfully

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Since the pandemic started and grocery stores being out of so many things, I’ve heard so many people saying, “ I would love fresh eggs…

 I wonder how hard it would be to raise chickens? “


If you are interested in this up and coming trend the 1st thing you have to do is make a commitment. You can’t just put some chicks in a pen & walk away.      [ smile ] There are so many things you have to consider! Is it big enough? How many chickens do you want? Wait, can you even have livestock in your town? Not to mention is is cost effective? Plus what happens if you want to go away? You thought it was hard to find a dog sitter???

Did you know chickens are a social species? Yup, so don’t think you can have just 1. I always wanted to do this…then my husband started rattling off the cons….not so many pros…except fresh eggs. There’s a lot of work to raise chickens, and the costs are more than you would think. You can always go to a 4H fair and ask around. Not the kids…the moms & dads because they will tell you the truth. [ Ok, now I’m laughing out loud…???]

My husband was afraid our kids would become too attached to the  ?  ? ….then there was always the question of what happens in the winter??? I knew I wouldn’t want to do it…our 3 kids said they would except in the winter….so guess what? We didn’t get chickens. ???

So why am I blogging about raising chickens you ask? Because now that my son is married with kids he wants to do this with his family. [ He was a vet tech ] So here I am doing the research for him. There are so many books at the library on this subject, however the teacher in me is an over achiever at times…so here I go…?

So why not boost your interest in this? Raising  chickens is not hard if you do things listed below and build a proper chicken coop with lots of room for them to run around a little. Did you know they produce more eggs if they have a pretty big place to run. If you live in the country “free range” is the best.

So let’s get down to the 10 best tricks to raise chickens successfully!

1. Did you know that you do NOT need a rooster to get eggs…good thing cuz they can be nasty little critters. It just means your eggs won’t hatch into baby chicks because they won’t be fertilized . ? ??? However, still a great delicacy to have

2. Chickens only lay eggs for around 2 years. So if that’s the main reason you want them you’ll have to keep getting new ones every few years. Though raising chickens has been around it’s becoming a new and upcoming resource for always having fresh, crisp eggs.

3. Did you know fresh laid eggs don’t have to be refrigerated until you rinse them off.  They actually will keep a few weeks if you don’t wash them because when they lay them they have a protective cover on them to keep out bacteria and air which is what makes eggs spoil once they are rinsed.

4. You will soon realize how friendly & affectionate chickens are. Remember I said earlier they are social animals.

5. Always be consistent with what you feed them. We get upset stomachs when we eat the wrong thing. Well chickens won’t lay eggs consistently if you keep changing their feed.

6. WATER ! WATER ? AND MORE WATER ? The way we are supposed to drink 8 glasses of water a day…a chicken can’t go an hour without clean water or it will stop laying eggs for days!

7. I will tell you that you should establish a daily routine for filling feeders, waterers, freshening the bedding, and collecting eggs. It helps the hens to have a routine. [ Have you noticed yet how some animals can be compared to humans? ]

8. You should try to have your coop big enough so there’s around 3 ft. Per chicken. If they don’t have enough room they will bully each other and peck at each other.

9.  I also read that chickens love herbs so you can kill 2 birds [not chickens] with 1 stone.  [ no pun intended ]  Grow an herb garden and they will be happy ? little campers.

10. I saved this for last because I don’t want to discourage you, but chickens must be kept in a “varmit free” coop. They need protection from predators. These are a few that love to kill chickens. Fox is #1, followed by skunks, raccoons, even cats and dogs. You also want to make sure to keep their coop clean so you don’t have to worry about mice. Make sure they have nesting boxes too ….So please do your best to protect them from these predators!

There’s so much more you can learn about Chickens whether  it’s a hobby….a business….or you just want fresh eggs! I invite you to explore the wonderful world of raising chickens and leave me some comments if you already do this on what has worked for you?

I found this book for you on Amazon. It covers everything from feeding, housing, and collecting eggs to quirky behaviors and humane treatment, Caughey’s engaging advice helps children understand the best ways to care for their chickens.


Which bird lays the biggest egg in the world and how do tiny chicks learn to fly? In this book you’ll find the answers and lots more about eggs and chicks. If you want to raise chickens, this book is a great way to answer some questions your child might have about


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