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“Let your children test their wings. They may not be eagles, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t soar free. C.J. Milbrandt

Every week I’ll add some parenting tips for you to ponder. It may be a quote…it may be a picture…or it may be a wonderful full post to help you on your parenting journey.

The first thing I learned as a new parent is that “everyone” thinks their advice is the best advice. Don’t listen to them…lol…unless of course it’s a doctor. My husband would gently say, “smile” and let them know you’re listening , and say thank you. You’ll find everyone has an opinion. Even people who are not parents!

‘The best thing you can do with your new baby is love them. Enjoy your time alone with your baby over everything else in the early days and just trust your instincts because parenting doesn’t come with a manual. [smile]

Here are a few words of advice that I did take from a friend. When the baby sleeps…you should sleep….providing of course it’s your only child at the time! Don’t feel guilty about it. The laundry will wait. Talk to your new baby. This is how they’ll begin to learn who “Mommy” is. Cuddle them. I remember my own mother telling me to stop holding them. [I had 3] But let me tell you, my 3 kids turned out to be amazing adults with lots of self confidence, despite me holding and cuddling them..,a lot…lol

Actually the best advice I did take from my best friend was love, feed on demand, and simply spent that “newborn” time getting used to being a mom.

My son recently told his 4 year old he was going to teach her to be tough. He wants her to experience life…let them climb on things, let them jump in puddles, play in the dirt…make everything seem magical. But the rest of that in my next post!