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QuickBooks Ambassadors Program

QuickBooks Ambassadors Program

Hi !

I’d like to take a few moments of your time  to tell you about an Ambassador Program I joined through “Quick Books.”

My referral link if you choose to join is https://quickbooks.grsm.io/antoinettebryant2798

My link will lead you to an offer page where you will have the opportunity to purchase QuickBooks with a special discount. See below for special discount details. After QuickBooks confirms your sale, I’ll be eligible for a $50 referral reward. YOU CAN ALSO!!! Referral rewards are for new paid subscriptions only. Signing up for a free trial does not qualify for a referral reward. The best part is there’s no limit to how many referrals you may make, and no limit to how much you may earn. All referrals must be uploaded into our system and approved before the rewards can be paid out. QuickBooks asks you to please allow for 7-10 days after your date of referral to receive your referral reward. If you still do not receive your reward after this time, please reach out to their team and they will be more than happy to look into it further for you.


What are the details of the special discount?
50% off the monthly price for QuickBooks Online (Simple Start, Essentials or Plus only) or QuickBooks Self-Employed is for the first 6 months of service starting from the date of enrollment for new paying subscribers only (trial subscriptions are not applicable), followed by the then-current fee for the service. Additional terms, conditions, pricing, features, service and support are subject to change without notice.

QuickBooks offers many assets and helpful resources on the Ambassador Hub that will be updated frequently, and you can expect an editorial content calendar with suggested social media posts and other recommendations sent straight to your inbox each month!

Look out for bonus earning opportunities each month! They will send you directions for how to participate via email. Additional reward activities will be conducted and monitored by the QuickBooks Ambassador Team with rules for participation outlined in each announcement email. Rewards for these activities will be at the discretion of the QuickBooks Ambassador Team based on compliance of the rules. Reminder: there is no limit to how much cash you can earn, either in referral rewards or bonus rewards. There are no reward-earning opportunities for recruiting new members to the Ambassador Program unless otherwise stated.

Your cash referral bonus is calculated at the end of each month and available for cash-out via PayPal or Stripe. You may check the status of your rewards or initiate a payout through the PartnerStack payouts tab on the Ambassador Hub. You must have at least $25 in rewards to initiate a payout. Payments are verified and paid out on the 16th day of the month following the month they are earned. For example, any commissions earned during the month of February will be available March 16th. Rewards last for the lifetime of the account, unless otherwise stated.

This program is based in the US ! Talk to fellow small businesses, post on social media, reach out to friends and family, share videos, write blog posts, link to it on your website, or add it to your email signature. Whatever you choose to do to get the word out! “





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