The top 8 items New Mommies Really Need Those 1st Few Months.

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1. My favorite shower gift were those little cotton long sleeve onesies that had this cute little flap at the end to cover the babies hands. You’ll see how fast their little nails grow and if their hands aren’t covered those cute little cheeks will have scratches all over.

. How about a night light that attaches to the crib? My grandkids love them and theirs play music ??? ! Best invention ever! Mom & Dad love them because they see how well their babies sleep!

3. I loved to swaddle my babies…they loved it…and the tighter the better made My newborns Found comfort in them, I think because it mimics the gentle squeeze of the womb. But that’s just my opinion. [smile] and there’s a huge choice of swaddle blankets, generously sized and most have plenty of stretch. I love to sew so I used to buys cotton material on sale. It filled time when I was pregnant. It pays to have at least a dozen or so because those little ones love to mess. ?

4. Beautiful  changing stations for the nursery are a must at home, but a portable changing pad is essential if you ever want to leave the house with your baby. Lots of public bathrooms will have one and besides they are never as clean as you’d like them to be. Hence the portable diaper changing pad, because you never know when you’ll have to change a diaper on the ground or the back seat of your car. It’s not fun, it’s not pretty, but a cute portable changing pad with a compartment for extra diapers and wipes will save you from a complete meltdown. And of course I made them too…lol.

5. So what do I think is the next most important item for you to stock up on is burp cloths! I remember being in church when my oldest was only a month old. My sister was holding him…yup…projectiles peas from breakfast all over her white blouse. Guess who forgot a burp cloth…yup, me. ? Never left home without them again!

6. We never had such a thing as “collapsable bottles” but I read about them when I was researching for this article. Apparently they are the best thing since sliced bread!  Google them, from what I’ve read they’re a necessary item.

7. Of course don’t forget the obvious like diapers, wipes, toys, basic baby clothes, Baby washcloths  Cotton balls, Infant Q-tips, Baby wash, shampoo and more! I was pretty lucky because my mom bought almost everything in needed for a layette. In those days [1982] Sal’s 5th Ave. gave you a free bassinet when you bought the layette. In those days that was a good deal!

8. Last but not least is my absolute must! Newborns love to hold things in their hands! Tiny rattles that make noise and BOOKS!!! Of course I said BOOKS…after all…my goal is to spread literacy through children’s books.
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