10 Ways to Increase A Toddlers Learning!

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I’m not an expert on toddlers by any means…but I was a teacher for over 35 years and I had 3 kids…remember, parenting didn’t come with a manual so we learn by trial and error with our own. { Are you smiling yet?} ?

I’m now a Grammie to two adorable toddlers….a 2 yr. old boy, & a 4 year old girl. Our 2 year old boy is a handful for sure! He’s definitely “all boy!” So now I’m researching again how to get our adorable 2 year old learn to listen. { No laughing ? matter! }

Toddlers are easily distracted…but if you’re raising a toddler for the first time, you probably already figured that out. The first piece of advice I can tell you is that if you want a toddler to learn, you have to let them explore and make messes. My husband was a real advocate for this…me??? Not so much…lol!

Toddlers are clueless of fear and so I say the most important task is to teach them how to communicate with short simple phrases. Yes, it takes time ! Yes, it takes a LOT of patience! The sooner they learn how to communicate, the sooner you’ll have a happier child, parents, and home! Below I’ve compiled a short list of tricks

  1. Toddlers don’t have a long attention span. In fact it’s more like 2 yr. olds have a 5 minute attention span at best. They definitely live in the now and don’t usually think about consequences. So my advice is be loving…and very….very…patient.
  2. The best way to teach a toddler anything new is to make sure their environment is set up so they can explore and do things on their own. Trust me, we never had to do it with our first grandchild but her little brother ??? He walks in our house and everything has to be out of arms reach! ?
  3. When my children were small our indoor living space was large and we had carpet all over. Didn’t have to worry much about falling.
  4. Your most important task is to teach them communication. We which involves a LOT OF repeating.
    I mean a LOT ! Did I say a LOT??? That’s ok, as I write this I’m laughing out loud also.

5. Their attention is SHORT! So make sure when you are teaching them you do it at that exact moment! Try hard not to yell or raise your voice. They have emotions but don’t know how to use the right ones yet. So be prepared to deal with a lot of crying.

6. I’ve seen parents try to reason with their young children, try to explain. It always fails. Two-years olds are two immature to reason and to understand. They will learn by mimicking you. I know our 2 yr. old constantly mimics his 4 year old sister.

7. Give your child lots of stuff to explore, outside, inside, nothing expensive but as a teacher I always found educational toys. They need to be something they can pick up or lay on or get inside of ( boxes). There are lots of simple toys.

8. Walk your walk…talk the talk… demonstrate to them. Then let them repeat it. Read to them…every day…there’s a lot of research that shows a child who reads will be an adult who succeeds!

9. Toddlers learn very fast, so in general you don’t have to ‘teach’ them things – they learn anyway. Assuming you talk to the toddler, and answer questions, and read plenty of books together, they will learn pretty much everything you want them to know.

10. I would introduce one thing at a time; once they have mastered something, then add something else. Model it yourself as much as you can, and they will pick it up in no time. Small baby steps. 2 year olds are learning machines. Just give them small examples at a time.