How to celebrate Memorial Day at a distance Contest !

Wow! Can you believe it’s almost Memorial Day weekend!!! Unfortunately most of us are still in lockdown! Did you know Memorial Day was created in 1865 as Decoration Day to honor those who died in the Civil War and then expanded to cover all wars. It also signifies the official start to the summer!

In past years all my kids came home and we had three days of food, partying, swimming, boating, and tons of fun. We had a summer house on a private lake. Oh, those were the days my friend…I thought they’d never end…??? My kids keep saying, “Mom, what can we do? We’re still on lockdown. ?

As always, my teachers brain went into overdrive. I wanted to see my kids, but I really wanted to see my grandkids. I couldn’t come up with much, but my small plan….was to 1st, install Zoom. Then have our 3 families all sign in at the same time to have dinner together and then play a game together. Not as creative as I would have liked, but better than anything.

That’s when I decided to hold a contest! The person with the most creative virtual party will win $25 worth of free books from my website.

  • If you don’t want to participate in the contest  I’ve listed some ways below for you to observe the day in other ways.

There’s a virtual tour of one or more of the websites attached to the nation’s war memorials.

Go to        .
Great site for those of us that grew up in the 60’s.

For all you history buffs you’ll like the Virtual New Jersey Vietnam Veterans Remembrance Day Ceremony which can be found at  

If you go to “ Extreme Magic of Eric” he’s offering Virtual Magic Lessons for kids and adults. Click here for more Info:

If you love movies, schedule a virtual watch party. Download the Netflix Party extension in Chrome, and you and your pals will be able to watch the same Netflix movie at the same time.

Since we have to distance ourselves doesn’t mean you can’t go to someone’s house. Deck out your car with balloons  ? ? ? ….. call your friends… Arrange to all meet at one of their houses…drive over and while staying a safe distance away [don’t forget your mask]  to talk 8 ft. apart and gab away.


Join my contest and give me your best shot! C’mon, wouldn’t you love to win free books for your children or grandchildren?

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