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What Kinds of Yards are Best for Dogs?

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What Kinds of Yards are Best for Dogs?


Dogs are humanity’s best friend, and because of that, we want every aspect of our lives to make it easier for our furry friends.  Dogs need room, need yards, to cut loose and have fun in.  Outdoor time helps them exercise and burn off energy while also allowing them to relieve themselves outside of our home.  If you’re looking at Whistler homes for sale or are considering redoing your yard, here are some vital parts of any lawn!



We like to think our dogs are smart and don’t want to go running off into the wild yonder, but millions of dogs are lost or stolen every year.  That’s not a number that can be ignored.  To help keep your pup safe and at home, you can put up a fence or other barrier to stop your dog from getting.  Privacy fences are fantastic because they’re hard to climb and give your dogs a clear place to mark as their own.  If you can’t put up a quality fence, consider only walking your dogs on leashes or putting them on leads when they go outside.


Lack of Water Hazards

Pools are so popular that many people have it as a must-have on their house-hunting lists.  Unfortunately, large water hazards like these are a significant danger to dogs.  If a dog slips into a pool, it could get stuck and unable to get out or could injure itself.  If you can, avoid pools for most smaller breeds.  If you love collections and need one, you can put up a fence around your pool to keep it separate from your pups.


Access To Grass

A beautiful patio, or an excellent walkout porch, can be so lovely for us, but it may leave little room for your dog to relieve itself.  Look for yards with at least enough space where your dog can search and sniff the grass without over saturating one small area.  Larger dogs need more space and more grass, so it’s essential to consider that when putting together a yard.


Lack of Natural Hazards

Be aware of your surroundings.  If you know there are hornet nests in your yard, poison ivy on your fence, or fire ant infestations- you have to take care of them.  Your dog deserves to live a happy and healthy life, which means you must ensure they don’t get stung or hurt.  Take the time to clear your yard of hazards so your dog can be happy.


Room to Run

Not all dogs indeed like to run around; pugs and English bulldogs are more comfortable on a warm bed- but exercise is vital for most breeds.  This fact doesn’t mean that you have to build a gym for your pup or attempt to make them run laps.  Dogs need room to run around and enjoy being dogs.  This problem could mean that your yard gets a little trodden over, but that’s the cost of having pups.  You can still have pretty gardens, but make sure your dogs have room to be dogs.