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Why I’m a Huge Fan of Getting Your “Pet Loving Human” This Gift!

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Let’s face it. You have that special person in your life that you need a “special” gift for! Holiday shopping is stressful enough and you think you’ve searched everywhere for the “perfect” gift! You so want to get them something meaningful but you’re at a loss ! But, just when you think you’ve exhausted your avenues you see a post on Facebook that photographs animals! Ahhhh….the perfect gift! This was me last year going crazy for a gift for my husband.  Many of us have a furry companion right by our side and most likely treat them like they are our part of the family. So isn’t this a great idea?                              This is our baby…I’m going to do this for my husband this year after I take some better pictures of my little man. So…If that person happens to be a pet lover, a pet portrait can be just thing that brings a big smile for the holidays and beyond. It’s something they will treasure way past January, and you’ll be the gift hero you long to be.  Don’t forget to tell Santa!

Here are two reasons why a pet portrait makes the ultimate holiday gift:
1- the recipient knows you put thought into it.  2- it’s a celebration of your pets life…and is there long after the animal passes…

I searched for photographers that do this, but I’m sure you can find more by doing a local search. The best prices I found are on Etsy. Give it a try. I am. ?


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